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About Us

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Pennsylvania, United Research Laboratories (URL) is focused on advancing underserved medical conditions in cardiovascular, oncology, and rare diseases.  Our partnerships with industry and academia enable new product discovery and development to bring meaningful, differentiated medicines to patients.  The URL team is comprised of seasoned scientists and business leaders with expertise in advancing assets through regulatory approval and commercialization. Our focus is on your health, developing solutions that matter to those in need, creating opportunities for better health and longer life, and providing greater patient access to those medicines.

What We Do

Commitment to Innovation

Commitment to Innovation

We strive to identify and invest in cutting-edge technology and products to improve human health

Drug Development

Drug Development

We collaborate to optimize and deliver a successful development plan from IND through commercialization

Commercial Effectiveness

Commercial Effectiveness

We focus on efficiently bringing safe and effective medicines to patients on time through our established manufacturing partners 


Using United's world-class preclinical, clinical, and regulatory teams, insight-driven business development engine, and integrated commercial platform, we are positioned to develop innovative therapeutics that fulfill patients' unmet medical needs in a global market

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United Research Laboratories


United provides meaningful, differentiated and cost-effective medicines to patients