United Research Laboratories

Building Products One Step at a Time

Our Business Model

United Research Laboratories establishes drug discovery & development partnerships and license arrangements with companies and institutions holding intellectual property positions on new molecular entities that require technical input, regulatory support, and investment.  Our goal is to develop breakthrough therapies for unmet and underserved medical conditions in cardiovascular, oncology, and rare diseases, while remaining receptive for compelling opportunities in other therapeutic areas.  As a part of our strategy, we are providing several important elements to the business arrangements that we form by implementing our expertise, balancing risk and reward for our partners, and offering vetted opportunities to our investors.


Expertise and Access to Core Pharmaceutical Development Disciplines 

  • Strategy: United provides proven leadership and execution strategies in discovery, preclinical, clinical, CMC, and product commercialization stages of asset development.   These strategies enable us to streamline the development process and accelerate project timelines to bring effective generic and new branded treatments to the USA and international markets. 
  • Access: We have direct access and key relationships with world-class Subject Matter Experts, Contract Research, Development, and Manufacturing Organizations (CRO, CDMO, CMO) that allow us to efficiently develop drug candidates.

Balanced Risk and Reward

  • Moving development forward: Our team contributes to asset development in the most efficient manner, providing shared ownership between our investors and partnering intellectual property holders.  We are seeking early and late-stage clinical development assets, in addition to commercial generic products, to fuel our ability to bring new therapies to the patients who need them most.
  • Investment: We form creative partnership and investment vehicles to bring innovative new products to the market.
  • Subject matter expertise: United collaborates with scientific subject matter experts and top research institutions to discover and validate the treatment mechanisms of action for our assets so we can deliver cutting-edge new products.

Investment Assessments and Vetted Opportunities

  • Collaboration: United’s management team has collectively contributed to bringing hundreds of pharmaceutical products to the market in their areas of expertise.  We bring this experience to the table as we evaluate which programs are best suited for investment. 
  • Experience: The company is backed by veteran pharmaceutical and biotech investors who have been successful in developing cutting edge therapeutics and building commercial operations and service organizations.
Built on the foundation of proven entrepreneurial leadership and a deep understanding and hands-on experience in drug development, the United team will go beyond funding programs to contribute toward advancing them to product approvals and commercial success